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Treat Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) in Vancouver, BC

Tennis Elbow | Try Vancouver Chiropractor | Dr. Michael Horowitz (Lateral Epicondylitis) Tennis elbow is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender. It is a condition that is commonly associated with playing tennis and other racquet sports, though the injury can happen to almost anybody.

Tennis Elbow Vancouver WA - Pacific Northwest Chiropractic ...

Do you suffer from tennis elbow in Vancouver? The term tennis elbow has developed the misconception that the condition only affects athletes who participate in racquet sports. In reality, tennis elbow affects approximately 5% of individuals who play tennis, and is more commonly associated with occupations or hobbies that involve repetitive motion of the forearm and wrist.

Tennis Elbow Treatment - Downtown - Vancouver Physiotherapy Hub

Tennis Elbow – Vancouver Vancouver Physiotherapy Hub provides the best in physical therapy services to the downtown Vancouver community. Our physiotherapists are specialized in diagnosing, assessing and treating tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and the painful symptoms that accompany it.

Tennis Elbow - Shockwave Therapy in Vancouver BC

Recent studies and clinical observations have noted good improvement of Tennis Elbow. Shockwave Therapy for Tennis Elbow in Vancouver BC can achieve a very high success rate of healing and rapid reduction of pain and discomfort. Depending on how chronic the condition, the typical number of treatments for tennis elbow with Shockwave Therapy averages between 5 – 8 visits.

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Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy in North Vancouver Tennis elbow , also known as Lateral Epicondylitis , is a common overuse injury that occurs at the lateral (outside) aspect of the elbow . This injury affects the tendon, which attaches muscle to bone, and therefore is categorized as tendinopathy.

Tennis Elbow - Common Cause and Prevention in Vancouver

Lateral epicondylitis, also named tennis elbow, is one of the more common injuries among. recreational tennis players. Elbow injuries including lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis. are associated with chronic repetitive overload, whereas tennis elbow is more frequently. associated with poor mechanics of the backhand in recreational ...