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Australian rules football, also called Australian football or Aussie rules, or more simply football or footy, is a contact sport played between two teams of 18 players on an oval field, often a modified cricket ground. Points are scored by kicking the oval ball between the middle goal posts (worth six points) or between a goal and behind post ...

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Rules of Aussie Rules Football Umpires signal for all decisions and their call is final By kicking the ball between the goal posts without it being touched by any other player, then 6 points are awarded. If... A game consist of four 20 minute quarters. The game starts with ruck. This is where the ...

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Australian Rules Football (Aussie Rules) - A Beginner's Guide

The score-line in an Aussie Rules games is written as Melbourne 7.5 (47) def Collingwood 3.9 (27). This means Melbourne scored 7 goals and 5 behinds for a total of 47 points and defeated Collingwood who scored 3 goals and 9 points for a total of 27 points.

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Here are just a few of them: Holding the man — The opposition can’t tackle or hold onto you if you don’t have the ball in your possession. Around the neck — Tackling an opponent over shoulder height. Holding the ball — If a player is tackled with the ball and he doesn't attempt to release it ...

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Objective. Australian rules football is a contact sport played between two teams of eighteen players on an oval-shaped field, often a modified cricket ground.Points are scored by kicking the oval-shaped ball between goal posts (worth six points) or between behind posts (worth one point).

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Geelong Cats 103 Greater Western Sydney 68. 03.09.2021 GEE-GRE 103:68. Port Adelaide Power. Brisbane Lions 78 Western Bulldogs 79. 04.09.2021 BRI-WES 78:79. Melbourne Demons 125 Geelong Cats 42. 10.09.2021 MEL-GEE 125:42. Port Adelaide Power 45 Western Bulldogs 116.

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Get the latest ladder standings from the 2021 season of the AFL of Australian Rules Football in Australia! We cover all of the football standings for the 2021 AFL Football league including the Play Offs & Regular Season to bring you all of the football league standings that you need for the entire 2021 AFL. Not only do we have the latest AFL standings but we also have a huge range of football stats from the 2021 Australian AFL including overall points, wins, losses, overtime wins & losses ...

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Interest in Australian rules football is peaking, given that it's still being played while most sports around the world have been shut down. Here's everything you need to know about the game.

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How to score in Australian Rules Football. The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. To score, a player must try to kick the ball through the middle two goalposts. If a kick is successful through the middle two taller posts this is a goal and is worth 6 points.

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Goals are worth 6 points and they’re scored when a player kicks the ball between the opposing team's two middle posts. The end posts are for behinds, which are worth one point. A behind means that the football passed the two behind posts in any other way.